Tooth-Colored Fillings

Nobody likes to hear that they need a filling. It not only means that decay has compromised something that you can never get back, but it also means that the fix may leave your smile looking less than bright. Despite the unpleasantness of tooth reconstruction, some options can help to maintain the bright white smile you cherish.

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Providing comprehensive dental services with care and compassion is what West Gate Dental is all about. Creating customized treatment plans for young and old alike, West Gate Dental meticulously takes the time to address all of your general dentistry needs. No matter what the treatment plan is, Dr. Rebecca Sowers and her team of highly trained staff are dedicated to helping you restore the natural look and function of your teeth; giving you something to smile about. 

What Are Composite Fillings?

Tooth-colored or composite fillings use a natural or synthetic polymer material. Made from a mix of resin and other elements such as ceramic, silica, or powdered glass quartz, this compound used in modern dentistry has a more natural coloration. Gone are the days when metal fillings were the only option. Today, your grin can look unblemished, despite reconstruction.

A more taxing process than using metal, composite filling placement requires special attention to ensure proper adhesion. However, when a clean and dry surface is maintained during placement, proper bonding of the material to the tooth can be achieved. The process takes a bit longer than metal fillings, but the result is more eye-appealing. 

Why Choose Composite Fillings?

Proven to be safe, reliable, and long-lasting, composite fillings allow for a different approach to dentistry. Unlike metal fillings, composites don’t require undercutting to promote adhesion. Therefore, such fillings can be placed without compromising the integrity of the tooth’s structure. Perfect for moderately sized restorations, tooth-colored fillings help to restore a bit of the strength to your tooth which was lost to decay. 

If You Are in Need of Dental Fillings in Lincoln, NE, Dr. Sowers Is Here to Help

Whether you need a new filling or you’d like to replace an existing metal filling, composite fillings are the way to go. If you’d like to further discuss the benefits of composite dentistry and evaluate your needs, you can schedule a consultation with Dr. Sowers and her team online. When you are searching for dental fillings in Lincoln, NE, look no further. West Gate Dentistry will help you smile white, so you can smile bright!