Teeth Whitening

Looking for whiter teeth? Most adults past the age of 35 begin to experience yellowing of the teeth. It happens a lot sooner if you are a heavy smoker or drink a ton of coffee, tea, or colas. West Gate Dental in Lincoln, NE offers teeth whitening services to help restore your smile to a more beautiful and glowing shade of white. The process is relatively quick and easy.

A Paste Is Applied to Your Teeth via a Dental Tray

A much higher concentration of whitening agent than what you find in over-the-counter products exists in the professional dental paste. This paste is either brushed on or squirted into dental trays that are then inserted into your mouth. If the paste is brushed on, you still have to wear trays for a few minutes to avoid accidentally removing the paste with your tongue and/or saliva.

Blue Light May Be Part of the Process

Dentists use different colors of light for different reasons. In the case of blue light, the blue light may work with certain teeth-whitening agents to enhance the effects of said agents. In short, the blue light causes the whitener to lighten your teeth more than just the paste alone. You can ask your family dental clinic in Lincoln, NE if blue light will be used for your teeth whitening process.

If the blue light is part of the process, the dentist may whiten tooth by tooth. He or she may also use a blue light dental tray that you insert and bite down on for a few minutes. When the blue light part of the treatment is complete, the dentist moves on to the next part of the whitening process.

A Rinse and a Polish to Follow

West Gate Dental in Lincoln, NE follows every teeth whitening process with a thorough rinse and polish. Nobody wants to go home with the whitening paste still on their teeth, and the polish makes your newly whitened teeth very shiny. The result is a glowing white smile that shines in the light as though you have had movie star teeth your entire life. 

If you are planning on having any sort of professional photography done, teeth whitening a day before the shoot is an excellent idea. Most dentists recommend this procedure be completed before any major events where photography is going to be part of the ceremony or events. You could do this up to three hours before your event, but it's best to do it the day before so that there are no scheduling mishaps.

Schedule Your Consult with the Family Dental Clinic in Lincoln, NE

When you are ready to see what a difference teeth whitening can make, schedule your appointment with the family dental clinic in Lincoln, NE. West Gate Dental in Lincoln, NE is the best place to have this procedure. Their staff is extremely knowledgeable, and their experienced dentists have been doing this cosmetic procedure for many years.