Tips to Maintain Straight Teeth After Invisalign

Tips to Maintain Straight Teeth After Invisalign or Braces
Posted on 12/20/2019
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At West Gate Dental, we want to ensure that all of our patients have a healthy, bright smile that they are proud of, especially our patients who have just undergone years of orthodontic treatment. For patients who have finished their Invisalign or braces treatment, it is essential to keep your teeth straight and clean for optimal dental health. Our gentle dentist in Lincoln, NE has a few quick tips to maintain straight teeth after orthodontia!

Wear Your Retainer

Whether you had Invisalign or braces as your orthodontic treatment, it’s essential to consistently wear your retainer, as directed by your orthodontist. You’ve worked so hard to straighten your teeth, you wouldn’t want them to shift back to their original position. The retainer will help keep your teeth in their newly straightened positions to ensure correct teeth alignment, proper bite, and to avoid other orthodontic and dental problems. If you lose or damage your retainer, please contact your orthodontist immediately.

Proper Oral Hygiene

In order to keep your teeth straight and healthy, you must practice effective brushing and flossing every day. Our family dentist recommends brushing twice a day and flossing once a day to stop bacteria and plaque build up that may lead to tooth decay. At West Gate Dental, we want to help you avoid procedures like root canals and fillings by practicing preventative dentistry and keeping your oral hygiene up to speed. Brushing and flossing is imperative to healthy teeth and maintaining a straight smile.

Visit Your Lincoln Dentist Regularly

At West Gate Dental, we want to see our patients every six months or twice per year to ensure that their teeth are healthy and free of dental problems and decay. However, if any type of problem does arise, we can catch it early and treat it immediately to keep your teeth beautiful and bright. Visiting your Lincoln, NE dentist on a regular basis will not only help fight against cavities, it will also keep your teeth straight. Many dental conditions can actually change the alignment of your teeth which is exactly what we do not want to happen. Stick to your regular dental visits and your smile will stay functional and aligned!

Schedule Your Next Dental Appointment at West Gate Dental!

Let’s work together to maintain your new straight teeth, contact West Gate Dental in Lincoln, NE today! Our gentle dentist and staff will be more than happy to discuss specific dental treatments with you and answer all of your questions. To schedule your next visit, call our Lincoln family dentist office or request a visit online. We can’t wait to hear from you!