Fun Ways to Teach Kids About Oral Health

Fun Ways to Teach Kids About Oral Health
Posted on 04/01/2022

We all know that kids can have a hard time keeping up with their oral hygiene. Making sure that they brush and floss every morning and night can be a nuisance. And kids would much rather play with their friends or toys rather than worry about their dental hygiene. But what about making oral healthy fun? At West Gate Dental, Dr. Sowers and staff have come up with fun ways to ensure that not only your kid’s brushes and flosses regularly, but that it can be a fun activity to enjoy. Here are some ways you can make oral health more fun for your children!

  • Tooth Fairy- One of the oldest tricks in the book is kids waiting for the tooth fairy. It’s a great way to excite children about dental health. The idea is that when your child loses a tooth, they will place it under their pillow at night and the tooth fairy will leave a little gift for them in exchange for the tooth. As a parent, it’s up to you what gift you want to leave and how personalized you want to make the experience. The most common gift for exchange is a couple of dollars, but it can also be anything else! Some parents like to put the tooth inside a little bag or container when their child loses a baby tooth. One good idea is to have your child decorate the bag or container- make it an art and craft project! Either way, the tooth fairy is a fun and exciting way to get your kids involved.
  • Books & Videos- If your child is a fan of bedtime stories, or just reading in general, books can be a great option to teach your kids about oral health! There are dozens of books out there about keeping your teeth healthy and going to the dentist. You can read them to your child or they can read them on their own, depending on their age. The great news is that there are books for every reading level! Also, fun videos online can also help educate children about the importance of brushing and flossing.
  • Games & Activities- Get creative and play games and activities with your kids! Maybe their friends will want to join in too! If your child loves games and is more of a visual learner, this section is definitely for you. The American Dental Association has fun coloring sheets, puzzles, calendars, and more for children to play with. There are even holiday-themed games as well to get your child into the festive mood!
  • Fun Tools- There are fun tools kids can use to make brushing and flossing more fun. Having a special toothbrush is one tool that will make brushing more exciting. Go shopping and have your child pick out one that they like. Chances are your child will pick a brush that is colorful or that features their favorite character from cartoons. Also, look out for a toothpaste that features fun flavors, such as strawberry or watermelon. If your child is under three years, use training toothpaste. At such a young age, children tend to swallow it. Fluoride-free toothpaste is safer at this stage.
  • Rewards- Regularly brushing your teeth is rewarding enough. However, kids will want something they can reach to. Embrace a reward system that’ll motivate your kids to brush their teeth. Gold stars can be a great place to start. Have a decorated poster representing good oral health. Your child can put a sticker on the poster to show the days they brush their teeth. When they fill up all the days on the poster, you can gift them with a toy or treat. The reward system can instill discipline over time. In the long run, the kids will know the importance of brushing their teeth, and they won’t need rewards to enjoy the activity.

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