Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening In Lincoln, NE

Everyone wants a smile with a brilliant, white shine, but it can be difficult to achieve or even maintain on your own, even with the best oral hygiene routine. The unfortunate reality for all of us is that our teeth naturally become discolored over time. The good news is that a quick visit to your local Lincoln dentist will be able to restore your teeth to that pearly white color you want. With professional teeth whitening at West Gate Dental, we can brighten your smile in a one hour office visit, or we can supply you with everything you need to whiten your teeth at home.

Why Professional Whitening?

When searching for a way to get a whiter smile, many turn to other methods, including at-home whitening products like whitening toothpaste. While these methods can work to a small degree, professional teeth whitening with your dentist has two main advantages over those other methods, including:

  • Safety: When you come into West Gate Dental to get your teeth whitened, you’ll be sitting down with our dentist, Dr. Sowers, and our experienced dental staff, who have helped countless patients achieve a brighter smile with the very same procedure. Our treatment is also designed to protect your gums and roots of your teeth, which can easily be damaged through other methods.
  • Results: Our whitening treatment is the most effective way of whitening teeth. We will remove stains and discoloration settled deep in the enamel for a truly vibrant shine, instead of just wearing away enamel like other methods.

West Gate Whitening

At West Gate Dental, we use a high-concentration bleaching gel that is not available over the counter or at your local mall kiosk. This gel is designed to penetrate the enamel to remove stains without damaging or eroding it. We use two different ways to apply the whitening:

In-Office Whitening

This technique offers the fastest results and it only takes one visit with us. During your appointment, our dentist and staff will cover your gums and tooth-root surfaces with a protective barrier, preventing any damage to these sensitive areas. Then, we use a special appliance to hold your lips and cheeks away from your teeth before applying a professional strength hydrogen peroxide gel. Finally, the gel is cleaned away and you can look at your brand new, white smile!

Take-Home Whitening

For those who want more convenience with their teeth whitening, we also offer a take-home whitening method. However, the downside is that it can take up to several weeks to achieve the same degree of whitening result as an in-office whitening. With this method, we will take a mold of your teeth in order to craft two custom plastic trays that are designed to fit perfectly over your teeth. We will provide you with a special whitening gel that you will put into the trays, and then position over your teeth. The trays will be left in place for about an hour before you remove them. From there, you will repeat the process over the course of a few days or weeks until you achieve that white smile.

How To Care For Your New White Smile

If you just got your teeth whitened with us, or you’re planning on scheduling an appointment, here are a few tips on taking care of your smile so it stays whiter for longer.