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Clean, healthy, and strong teeth are the foundation of a great smile, and the cornerstone of dental health is a consistent, diligent dental hygiene regimen. Brushing and flossing integral to proper dental hygiene, but your routine is never complete without regular in-office checkups and teeth cleanings – and at West Gate Dental, we're here to help. As a dental practice serving patients of all ages throughout the Lincoln, NE area, we're proud to provide expert cosmetic, restorative, and general dental services to our patients. While we offer a variety of services including procedures like dental implants and fillings, the foundation of dental health is in general dental care.

What is General Dentistry?

General dentistry is a catch-all term for a diverse array of procedures and treatments, but every aspect of general dentistry has one common goal: keeping your natural teeth healthy, beautiful, and strong while ensuring your oral health to protect your smile for a lifetime. Through dental exams, teeth cleanings, and other preventative treatments, general dentistry helps you maintain a clean mouth and a healthy smile.
Maintaining a healthy smile requires both in-office checkups and appointments as well as consistent at home oral hygiene. Brushing and flossing daily is critical to a healthy smile, and we always recommend that parents start these habits as early as possible with their children, as that's the best way to set them up for a lifetime of healthy smiles. At West Gate Dental, we'll supplement your at home dental care with regular in-office examinations, cleanings, and other general dental services.

Procedures in General Dentistry

General dentistry encompasses a diverse collection of procedures, but they're all designed to help you maintain the healthiest smile possible. We'll work with you to decide what kind of dental care you need at any given time, and we'll customize any treatment you receive to perfectly suit your unique situation. General dentistry procedures include:
Dental Exams & Teeth Cleanings: These form the foundation of preventative care, and they're vital to safeguarding the long term health of your teeth. During an exam, we'll check your teeth and mouth for signs of decay or oral health problems, and during a cleaning, we'll thoroughly clean every surface of your teeth to leave them sparkling and new.
Crowns & Bridges: These restorative procedures can help repair a tooth after a cavity or provide a strong, natural-looking replacement for a missing tooth.
Dental Implants: One of the most effective restorative procedures in dentistry, dental implants provide a strong, natural-looking replacement tooth that lasts a lifetime.
Extractions: While we try to avoid extractions, sometimes, we just can't save a decayed tooth. If we do decide to extract a tooth, we'll replace it using a procedure like a bridge or dental implant.
Fillings: Fillings help us treat cavities and prevent the progression of dental decay.
Oral Cancer Screening: The best way to fight cancer is early detection, so we'll regularly examine your mouth, face, and neck for any signs of oral cancer.
Removable Dentures: If you need an entire dental arch replaced, we can use removable dentures to offer a convenient, natural-looking smile repair solution.
Root Canals: Contrary to popular belief, root canals don't really hurt – and they prevent a lot of pain in the long-run! If you have a seriously decayed tooth, we can use a root canal to save the tooth and keep it strong for years to come.
Tooth Decay Prevention: We'll work with you to supplement your at-home oral care, creating a comprehensive, robust plan to prevent tooth decay.

When Should I Go to the Dentist?

Dental appointment.

Unfortunately, far too many people only visit the dentist's office when something is obviously wrong with their teeth – but that's the wrong strategy for maintaining a healthy smile! At West Gate Dental, we place a strong focus on preventative care, as that's the best way to safeguard your dental health and achieve the best overall smile in the long run. That means it's critical to maintain regular visits to our office for exams, teeth cleanings, and other preventative services. We recommend visiting our office at least twice a year, and we'll talk with you to determine the ideal frequency of dental visits for your unique case.

During these regular checkup appointments, we'll perform a thorough oral exam to spot any cavities or other oral health problems, and we'll also perform a comprehensive teeth cleaning to clear away bacteria, plaque, and tartar. After a checkup appointment, you'll walk away with freshly cleaned teeth, a beautiful smile, and the knowledge that your dental health is in great shape!

Contact Your Lincoln, NE Dentist

General dentistry is the foundation on which a great smile rests, and at West Gate Dental, we are your partners in promoting your dental health. Feel free to give us a call at 402-475-8710 if you have any questions about the procedures on this page or your dental health in general, and if you'd like to come by our Lincoln, NE office for a checkup appointment, you can request one at our contact page or by using our easy online form. We truly cannot wait to hear from you, and we're excited to help you achieve a lifetime of healthy, beautiful smiling!

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